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The RC48N ground-fault neutral-grounding monitor is used to monitor high-resistance grounded installations. The maximum ground fault current in these systems is limited by a neutral grounding resistor to 5 A, 15 A or 25 A .

The RC48N ground-fault neutral-grounding monitor combines three functions in one device:

  1. Monitoring of the residual current in the grounding conductor.
  2. Voltage monitoring between the transformer neutral and ground.
  3. Monitoring of the grounding resistor for continuity (NGR).

If a value is not within the thresholds, a relay with two voltage-free changeover contacts will be activated.


  • Ground-fault monitor for high-resistance grounded installations with a limited fault current of 5 - 25 A
  • Three-in-one functionality: Residual current, voltage and grounding resistor continuity
  • Measures the residual current by means of a Bender residual current transformer
  • Alarm easily recognizable by LED lights
  • Alarm relay with adjustable trip time
  • Measures resistance value and voltage drop of the NGR via coupling devices
  • Alarm easily recognizable by LED lights
  • The alarm relay can be used for the tripping of a load switch
  • Depending on the type of load switch the operating mode of the alarm relay can be set to N/O operation or N/C operation


  • High-resistance grounded installations with a limited fault current of 5…25 A
  • Mining applications

Optional Accessories for RC48N

Type designationArt.-No.
Remote alarm indicator and operator panelB94071001
Type designationArt.-No.
CD1000 Coupling device, AC 0…1000 VB98039010
CD5000 Coupling device, AC 0…5000 VB98039011
Residual current transformer, 70 mmB911777
Residual current transformer, 105 mmB911778

Downloads for RC48N

CE Declarations of Conformity RC48 84.0 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2512.08.2022 06:17:25
Manuals RC48N 922.8 KB EN2021/02/12 10:52:3212.02.2021 10:52:32D00426
Manuals RC48N Manual (US) 1.3 MB EN2019/08/16 11:23:2416.08.2019 11:23:24
Technical Information RC48N Application Notes (US) 299.9 KB EN2019/09/20 13:56:4220.09.2019 13:56:42
Application Brochures System Grounding in the Americas, Australia, South Africa and Other Regions 576.7 KB EN2019/05/13 10:29:2213.05.2019 10:29:22
Technical Information Guideline on NGR/Safety Ground Monitoring 234.7 KB EN2019/09/20 13:52:3320.09.2019 13:52:33
Technical Information NGRM500 Retrofit Guide (US) 1.3 MB EN2021/02/10 20:59:2210.02.2021 20:59:22