Electrical Safety for Renewable Energy

As power generation evolves to meet demand, more smart grids require efficient, environmentally-friendly methods of generating and storing electricity. The evolution of power generation brings new challenges in mitigating the risk of electrical shock, equipment damage, and fire.

Bender's monitoring equipment uses the latest technology to ensure accurate, quick readings on renewable energy systems of virtually all sizes. With a wide range of communication options, our equipment integrates easily into industrial networks to stay informed of your system's health at all times.

Suppose the issue is the high availability and reliability of wind energy plants. In that case, the operators have only one goal - to prevent any unexpected failure or malfunctions in day-to-day operation since a failure typically leads to financial losses. A crucial role is played here by electrical safety. An unexpected insulation fault often means unexpected downtime or an increased risk of fire. Unplanned service visits are also expensive in terms of both time and money.

The most common cause for insulation faults is defective insulation due to wires' physical damage, low moisture, hydraulic oil resistance, and lightning. The consequences of these faults can cause high costs due to operational interruptions, unplanned maintenance, and hazards for maintenance personnel. Ungrounded power systems offer the advantage that a first fault will not cause a failure. As a result, complex processes and operations of energy plants are not interrupted. Ungrounded power systems can continue to operate under controlled conditions, and faults can be rectified at a time most fitting for the facility without incurring the costs associated with failures.

Grounded systems differ in terms of the voltage level, the natural insulation resistance, the number of leakage capacitances, and the voltage waveform (AC, DC, AC/DC, etc.). The requirements for insulation monitoring result from these characteristics. To learn more about which Bender solution is right for your facility, please contact us today.