The Bender Group

The Bender Group

A strong unit

Bender is a family run company founded in 1946, and is still based on the same strong values and traditions with which it was created. The Bender Group has grown into a global presence and has united all Bender companies worldwide since 2005.

This enables us to offer our clients the best service possible and to provide them with our highly technological and efficient solutions. It also ensures that our quality standards are adhered to anywhere across globe.

Quality, innovation and service worldwide

Bender companies cover the globe to ensure that we are able to service our clients effectively and to provide expert knowledge of the requirements of specific regions, including electrical safety compliance, regulations and business practices. 

We think locally and act globally to offer the best products and services relevant to our cusotmers whilst being able to tap into a global resource of product innovation and technical epertise.

With 15 subsidiaries and over 100 agencies, the Bender Group is at home all over the globe. No matter where we are, we are available for consultation and are always focused on the particular world of each individual customer.

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You can find the contact data of the Bender Group subsidiaries and agencies on the Bender worldwide page.