Onshore Oil

Electrical Safety for the Oil and Gas Industry

Electrical safety in the oil and gas industry is a high priority. The industry's challenge is using technologies that guarantee reliable production and sustainable supply. Bender's products, systems, and solutions improve effectiveness and safety and ensure maximum success in the processes of a system. Thanks to global engineering and project management know-how, plus many years of experience implementing complex projects, we offer established performance for maximum operational safety, efficiency, and availability.

Whether onshore, offshore, or subsea, Bender's monitoring equipment enables insulation faults to be located quickly and ensures electrical safety in control and auxiliary circuits. Bender equipment also protects subsea systems and remotely operated vehicles for laying pipelines and installing underwater structures.

Early monitoring of insulation resistances provides decisive advantages for recognizing trends early and proactively managing issues to ensure operational safety and availability of systems. Bender solutions for preventive maintenance also enable the testing and measuring of electrical equipment without disconnecting. Our remote assistance offers access to an expert network and operational, documentation, and commissioning support.