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Bender Healthcare Field Services

The Bender Service Team specializes in delivering high-quality preventive maintenance solutions to optimize equipment performance precisely when you need it. With every new equipment installation, we offer on-site start-up commissioning, LIM recertification, and testing conducted by our skilled Bender technicians. Plus, for qualifying IPS components, we provide an exclusive 5-year warranty that's activated upon successful commissioning by one of our certified technicians. Our team goes the extra mile by offering training sessions for your hospital staff, ensuring they have the knowledge required for the proper use and care of your isolated power system.

Testing and Maintenance


In healthcare facilities, NFPA requires regular testing of isolated power systems to ensure they are in peak condition, keeping patients and staff safe. Bender offers a complete range of services to validate the state of these systems and ensure certification of meeting NFPA, NEC, and JCAHO regulations and standards.

Per NFPA 99:2015 Article, facilities must perform testing using external simulated faults after any system modification, repair, or renovation. Bender field service technicians provide recertification testing for any manufacture and model of Isolated Power. Although a facility can perform its own “in-house” testing on their LIMs (Line Isolation Monitors) utilizing a Bender LIM tester, this is not recommended due to the infrequency of testing needed and tools required to test correctly. It is recommended to use in-house testing to supplement the more thorough testing performed by a qualified, reputable service provider.

On-site start-up commissioning and LIM recertification and testing by a Bender technician is offered with all equipment sales for new installations. Bender offers an exclusive 5-year warranty on qualifying IPS (Isolated Power System) components, which is applied based upon successful commissioning by a Bender certified technician.

For new installation, please refer to the Site Readiness Pre-Checklist for instructions to ensure proper preparation prior to field service technician dispatch to the site.

Upgrades and Retrofit Services

Upgrades and recertification IPP panel

Bender provides complete services for upgrading and updating Isolated Power Systems without replacing complete panels. Upgrading to Bender's LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor and MK2000 series of remote annunciators eliminates issues due to aging systems and reduces testing costs.

Bender can retrofit any existing make or model of Line Isolation Monitor and remote annunciator. Many common models have existing retrofit kits, and custom solutions are available for unique situations. Our service engineers will walk you through the evaluation, planning, and implementation of all retrofit solutions to ensure an efficient process and minimal interruptions in your facility.

  • Upgrade and retrofit options available to replace any make or model of existing equipment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of existing equipment to ensure complete and efficient retrofit with minimal downtime
  • Recertification of retrofit panels by Bender authorized engineers to comply with NFPA 99 –
  • In select situations, installation services are also available for retrofit applications

Recertification Services

NFPA 99 requires periodic testing of all Isolated Power Systems in healthcare facilities. Bender authorized technicians are available to perform annual testing on any make or model of isolated power panel and bi-annual testing of any analog line isolation monitors.

Annual and bi-annual recertification services include, but are not limited to:

  • Measurements of hazard current and system impedance, both resistive and capacitive
  • Applied fault testing
  • Line Isolation Monitor testing
  • Annunciator alarm testing
  • Fault location and load monitoring testing- for panels with applicable modules
  • Verification of proper equipment grounding
  • Recertification report with all testing data

Annual Testing

Don’t want to worry about when annual testing is due? Bender has multi-year service agreements available that will notify you one month prior and ensure priority scheduling with Bender technicians.

If any issues are detected in the system during testing, onsite technicians will assess for the best solutions that will be documented and then included with the recertification report.

Field Testing Services

Bender authorized technicians are available to complete Certification Field Testing Services on all makes and models of isolated power panels. To be compliant with NFPA 99, all new installations of isolated power panels must be factory certified to ensure proper installation and function, prior to putting the panels into service.

Bender offers an array of options for periodic testing and maintenance programs for isolated power system needs. Our technicians are specifically trained in all models of Isolated Power Systems and accessories. Bender is the manufacturer of the industry-leading testing equipment utilized by numerous hospitals and facilities to test their systems at a frequency more often than required by code.

Field Testing Services
  • Visual inspection of the newly installed panel for proper installation and compliance with wiring requirements per NEC 517.160
  • Impedance and hazard current measurements
  • Ground continuity and receptacle polarity testing
  • Receptacle voltage measurements
  • Testing for proper function of Line Isolation Monitors, remote annunciators, and any accessory modules
  • Onsite training for hospital staff on the proper use and care of isolated power systems
  • Certification report with all testing data
  • Certification of limited warranty on Bender isolated power equipment

Technicians can also advise hospital staff on annual recertification options, including multi-year agreements, to ensure the continued compliance and proper function of all equipment.

For new installation please refer to the Site Readiness Pre-Checklist for instructions to ensure proper preparation prior to Field Service Technician dispatch to site.

Consulting Services

Looking to add or expand your isolated power system? Bender’s expert engineers are available to guide you through the steps involved in designing an effective and safe isolated power system.

  • Customized application assistance for every project
  • Tailor solutions to maximize system performance and minimize cost
  • Onsite visits to meet with contractors, design-build firms, and building engineer

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