Our team had a welding machine pass welding current through the machine ground cable causing the insulation to melt the cable off. Bender’s HRG system was added and prevented any major problems from occurring when the ground cable insulation melted. With Bender, we now have peace of mind with our welding operations. We have the ability to be alerted of a ground fault and locate the fault, all while keeping operations up and without creating a hazard. Our experience with Bender as a company and as a product has been great. The communication with our representative has always been good and all of our questions have been answered in a timely manner.

- Samuel Beans
Facility Electrical Engineer
Komatsu Mining Corporation

After my initial phone call with Kreshnik Furxhiu, Bender’s Technical Sales and Applications Manager, I felt an immense sense of relief. I learned how to troubleshoot the Bender devices on my job site, how to reprogram the RCMS460, and how to adjust values per channel. I left this call with all of the resources needed to do my job effectively. My job has gotten much easier now and I truly believe that if anyone is in search of personalized, professional help related to Bender devices, the Bender Inc. team will happily help you with whatever problem you have.

- Glenn Williamson
CSI Electric

Enhanced product features and availability were initial factors when establishing Bender as one of our partners. The continuous support provided by Mr. Frederic Mathieu at Bender and the product reliability were instrumental to Reivax maintaining Bender as a supplier. As Reivax has grown over the years to become a leading manufacturer of excitation systems, Bender has been a trusted partner that has never disappointed us.

- Mike Wallin
President and CEO
Reivax North America inc

Over the course of 25 years we have had the opportunity to work with Bernie at Bender on a variety Tunnel Boring and Mine Development Projects. These projects require precise residual current monitoring systems. Bender truly is a world class leader in monitoring die-electric breakdown for both AC and DC systems. When systems require robust, cost-effective solutions with precise monitoring, we prefer to offer a Bender Solution.

- Brandon Pearce
Operations Manager
Canelec Manu. & Dev. Inc

We have worked with Mr. Frederic Mathieu from Bender over the past two years. His support has been critical as we launch our new electric vehicle charging station product lineup. Bender products are high quality. They allow us to produce safer products which are superior to our competitors.

- Gaétan Fauteux

Bender Canada has provided prompt and knowledgeable support about ground monitoring systems. They have helped educate us about the operating principles of these systems, empowering us to design ground monitoring systems based around Bender’s robust line of monitoring hardware.

- Manvir "Manny" Jutla
Project Manager
Solution Control Systems

I requested a quote from Bender for an HRG system to temporarily power an airport construction site. Sonny provided excellent support, knowledge, drawings and technical details for the system. He also demonstrated strong post-sales support by assisting in commissioning and providing installation advice. I will definitely consider Bender for my future projects.

- Harpreet Singh Grewal
Struthers TECH

My team at Wood PLC was executing an aggressive delivery schedule for a drilling platform. Bender helped us develop the interactive communication with their intelligent devices to monitor the motors, and also interconnected with the VFD drilling bus bar system and ground detection in the same VFD Panel. This allowed the Bender modules to talk to each other and still provide accurate measurements. Great and brilliant cost-effective solution, thanks to Bender.

- Roberto Olivares
Electrical Engineer
Wood PLC

While investigating the upgrade of a DC drive field excitation circuit, I noticed there was no ground-fault supervision. The Bender ISO685 unit was the easy answer to t