Operating room

Electrical Safety for Healthcare Facilities

Numerous codes and standards regulate hospitals and healthcare facilities, two of which (NFPA 99 and CSA Z32) require IPS (isolated power systems) in all areas deemed "wet procedure" locations. Isolated power systems offer an invaluable advantage - early detection of ground faults allows systems to remain online in a single fault condition. Bender isolated power panels provide isolated power to electrical systems in operating rooms and other critical care areas. Utilizing the latest technology, Bender equipment ensures that electrical ground faults are detected and located fast and automatically, in compliance with the latest standards and code requirements. Our IPS panels are manufactured and designed in the USA and are UL1047 listed.

Bender developed a line isolation monitor (LIM2010) to monitor hospital electrical power systems typically found in critical patient areas such as ICUs and operating rooms. It is ideal for retrofit applications regardless of the current LIM's make and model. Its automatic self-calibration, self-check, and digital display allow for yearly performance testing instead of biannual testing for analog LIMs (per NFPA 99). This device pairs with the IPS and alarms when system insulation begins to degrade without any electrical equipment interference. When an EDS441 is added to the facility, ground faults can be located automatically, reducing system downtime and maintenance costs. When combined, our products offer ground fault protection to entire systems. Bender’s ground fault protection and Line isolation monitor testers ensure the highest level of fault detection and safety in hospital electrical systems.

The Bender Service Team can provide top-quality preventative maintenance solutions to ensure equipment functions at its best when you need it most. On-site start-up commissioning, LIM recertification, and testing by a Bender technician are offered with all equipment sales for new installations. Bender offers an exclusive 5-year warranty on qualifying IPS components, which is applied based upon successful commissioning by a Bender-certified technician. Our team also provides training for hospital staff to ensure proper understanding, use, and care of your Isolated Power System.

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