Electrical Safety for Personnel, Equipment, and Maintaining Process Uptime

Industrial and manufacturing facilities

Nowadays, technical installations in all industries are characterized by ever-increasing complexity and automation. From highly developed production lines to robot technology, the amount of equipment that requires a reliable power supply to function smoothly is steadily growing. Therefore, the foundations for reliability and availability of an installation are determined by selecting the right power supply system. Bender products are used in various industrial and manufacturing facilities to protect personnel and equipment. Using the latest monitoring technology, Bender ground-fault products help to maximize system uptime and easily integrate into predictive maintenance programs. When an interruption is required, Bender's Lifeguard series of ground-fault panels provide maximum protection while alleviating nuisance tripping.

Bender provides ground-fault protection equipment which works on AC, DC, and mixed AC/DC systems, including systems with power conversion equipment, such as variable frequency drives and inverters. These can be used for preventative maintenance by trending leakage to ground over time. Ground-fault relays are fully compliant with numerous NEC Articles and CEC Rules. Bender's advanced ground fault monitoring and Insulation Monitoring devices (IMD) ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability for complex industrial systems.

In addition to offering protection for standard industrial facilities, Bender products offer advanced protection for power generation systems. These use many sources of energy to generate electricity, such as water, wind, solar, nuclear, fossil fuels, and more. Many of these energy sources are called "prime movers," which means a mechanical input is involved. For example, the gravity of water helps move turbine propellers. Depending on the configuration of generators, they may also require a DC field source to "excite" the rotor windings of the generators. This dc field is most commonly an ungrounded supply that can fluctuate as required by the controls.  The Bender IMD is ideal to monitor the continuity of this generator field DC system and report the health of the insulation to a supervisory system via communications or an analog output.  Protect personnel and equipment, and maintain process uptime with a custom solution from Bender. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your facility.