Dual System Panels

Dual System Panels

BENDER's standard hospital panel provides isolated power service and protection to operating rooms and other critical care areas. Designed in strict compliance with UL 1047, UL 1022, and UL 50, BENDER isolated power panels offer the most up-to-date technology for all isolated power distribution requirements. Panels include:

  • Isolation transformer, rated to your requirements
  • Primary circuit breaker
  • Eight (8) 2-pole circuit breakers, field expandable to 16
  • LIM2010 line isolation monitor

A wide range of additional features and options are available, including:

  • Provision(s) for receptacles and/or ground jacks
  • Circuit control via PLC
  • Integrated ground fault location system
  • Transformer load monitoring
  • Remote communication system integration

Standard Features: Dual System Panel

Dual system panels provide two separate voltage outputs from two isolation transformers. This system is equivalent to two independent standard isolated power panels in one   enclosure. A standard dual system panel consists of the following:

• Provision for two (2) 2-pole branch circuit breakers for 208 V or 240 V side

• Two (2) single-phase isolation transformers

• Two (2) BENDER LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM)

• Two (2) Reference ground buses

• Two (2) Primary circuit breakers

• Branch circuit breakers (Qty. 8 standard, field-convertable up to 16 per system)

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  • No interference with electrical equipment
  • Special phase-locking circuitry for ultimate stability and repeatability
  • Versions for 2 mA and 5 mA trip level
  • Seven-segment display for THC, digital display for text, and LED bar graph
  • Additional alarms for transformer overload and overtemperature, voltage, and more
  • Visual and audible alarm indications
  • Provision for remote indicators
  • Connects to optional BENDER communication network
  • Controls optional ground fault location system
  • History memory

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