Dual Voltage Panels

Dual Voltage Panels

Bender's standard hospital panel provides isolated power service and protection to operating rooms and other critical care areas. Designed in strict compliance with UL 1047, UL 1022, and UL 50, Bender isolated power panels offer the most up-to-date technology for all isolated power distribution requirements. 

Standard Features: Dual Output Voltage Panel

Dual output voltage isolated power panels provide two separate voltage outputs using a single isolation transformer. A standard dual output voltage panel consists of the following:

• One (1) single-phase isolation transformer with dual secondary outputs (120 V side and 208 V or 240 V side)

• Two (2) Bender LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitors (LIM)

• Two (2) Reference ground buses

• One (1) Primary circuit breaker

• One (1) Secondary main circuit breaker for 120 V side

• Eight (8) branch circuit breakers for 120 V side, field-convertable up to 16

• One (1) Secondary main circuit breaker for 208 V or 240 V side

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  • Single-phase, low-leakage isolation transformer, with primary and secondary voltages configured at factory and rated to system requirements
  • Up to 16 branch circuit breakers (maximum allowed by UL)
  • One secondary main circuit breaker for high voltage side
  • LIM2010 line isolation monitor, featuring self-calibration, a wide variety of alarms, including total hazard current (THC, configurable for 2 mA or 5 mA), voltage, overload, and more
  • Two reference ground buses
  • Section for hospital grade power receptacles and/or ground jacks

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