MarinaGuard for electrical dock safety

MarinaGuard® - Helping Prevent Electric Shock Drowning

Bender's MarinaGuard is a critical component to helping prevent ESD from occurring.

What is electric shock drowning?

Electric shock drowning (ESD) is a tragic occurrence in which swimmers come into contact with stray electric currents, leading to a fatal inhibition of their ability to breathe or swim effectively, ultimately resulting in drowning. This perilous situation is primarily caused by ground faults originating from electrical devices located on or near the shoreline. While ESD poses an exceptionally high risk for children swimming in the area, it can also affect adults and even individuals who are simply wading in the water.

Where is ESD a concern?

Electric shock drowning (ESD) presents a significant risk in different bodies of water, and marinas are especially vulnerable due to the presence of electrical equipment like outlets, boat power systems, lighting fixtures, and boat lifts. The connection of boats to shore power at marinas further adds to the risk of ESD. This dangerous situation occurs when individuals swimming nearby experience an unexpected electric ground-fault current shock. In severe instances, this shock can lead to paralysis, leaving the person unable to swim and potentially resulting in tragic outcomes.


How does MarinaGuard reduce ESD risk?

Our MarinaGuard panels provide an effective solution to mitigate the risk of ESD by continuously monitoring the feeder and branch circuits that supply electricity to marinas, boat yards, docking facilities, and similar locations. These panels swiftly detect any ground faults, promptly activating the MarinaGuard to deactivate the respective circuit and simultaneously trigger a prominent red strobe light aiding in electric shock drowning prevention. This visual alert effectively notifies individuals in the area about the potential danger, ensuring enhanced safety measures. The MarinaGuard improves the dock electrical safety levels as well as marina electrical safety levels. 

MarinaGuard offers UL 508A industrial control panels with two monitoring options: single or twelve-circuit. Each circuit comes with an adjustable trip level, allowing customization to meet specific code requirements relevant to your situation. These panels utilize current transformers to measure ground-fault currents and are available in various sizes, shapes, and core types, catering to a wide range of diverse needs. Bender's ground fault protection equipment (GFPE) offers effective electrical safety solutions for floating buildings. Effectively provide ground fault protection with MarinaGuard.

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MarinaGuard® Benefits

Minimizes De-energized Circuits
Monitors each feeder to minimize de-energized circuits

Maintains Compliance
Complies with electrical codes and requirements (NEC Article 555 and CEC Clause 78-052)

Protects Against Tampering
Lockable marine-grade enclosure and internal overcurrent protection prevents

Increases Safety
Added safety with high-visibility strobe and decreased risk of nuisance tripping


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