Sales Record at Bender Group

In 2022, the Bender Group achieved a turnover of over € 250 million (~270 million USD) for the first time in the company's history. Compared to the previous year, turnover has increased by more than 20 percent. The family-owned company, based in Grünberg, Germany, offers products and solutions for electrical safety worldwide.

The main driver globally for this growth is electromobility. Among other things, Bender manufactures charge controllers for wallboxes and charging stations. Growth of 37 percent was achieved in this area. Bender also reports good figures in the industrial and hospital sectors. In the industrial sector, the increase was approximately 25 percent, and in the hospital sector, an increase of just under 15 percent was achieved.

Monika Schuster, a member of Bender’s management board, said, "we are pleased to be able to show such a result in a difficult year like 2022. Supply bottlenecks and allocation are challenges that we have successfully overcome. Bender is optimistic about the future. Electricity is everywhere and is playing an ever-greater role. We, therefore, see ourselves not only as a provider of products and solutions for a fail-safe power supply, but also as a guide for the future of energy."

The Bender Group has operations in 11 countries worldwide, with representatives in an additional 70 countries. The family-owned company was founded in 1946 and today has around 1,300 employees globally. A further leap in growth is planned for the coming year, and around 400 new employees are to be hired, most of them based in Germany.