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New Healthcare Touch Screen Remote Alarm Indicator CP305
Bender Develops a New Healthcare Touch Screen Remote Alarm Indicator- COMTRAXX® CP305 to succeed the MK2430

Bender Develops COMTRAXX® CP305, a new healthcare Touch Screen Remote Alarm Indicator featuring a modern 5" hygienic glass touchscreen display, to…

Bender Inc. celebrates 40 years of innovative electrical safety solutions

For the last 40 years, Bender Inc. has been a pioneer of electrical safety products and services. Our journey began...

Bender News
Sales Record at Bender Group

In 2022, the Bender Group achieved a turnover of over € 250 million (~270 million USD) for the first time in the company's history.

Bender charge controller awarded with the "Certificate of compatibility”
Bender charge controller awarded with the "Certificate of compatibility”

As the heart of every smart charging station, a charge controller communicates with the vehicle and the connected backend, it monitors the internal…

Bender Inc. Announces Latest Advancement in Power System Grounding Technology

Bender is proud to announce the latest technology that expands its existing line of Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitors – the NGRM550 and 750.

Torsten Gruhn
Bender’s Torsten Gruhn Featured in Patch News Article

Patch News, a resource and website for local news stories, featured Torsten Gruhn, Bender’s head of EV, in a recent article. Torsten recently…

Handover of the VDE certificate
Bender CC613 charge controller receives the world's first VDE certificate

VDE mark facilitates certification of AC charging stations according to IEC 62955

The new SmartDetect ISOMETER® iso415R Ground Fault Monitor

Introducing our new SmartDetect iso415R – the compact insulation monitoring device for use in ungrounded systems. It combines easy operation, multiple…

CTBC17 – The New Measuring Current Transformer

Manufacturers of EVSE (charging stations) will be excited to learn that Bender, the leader in electrical safety products, has launched a new current…

LifeGuard Panel
Bender Consolidates LifeGuard® Technology, Expediting Ordering Process

Bender has made changes to the LifeGuard® product line in order to consolidate similar models, reducing the complexity from 3,600 models down to 18…

Bender Inc. Provides Mexico Hospitals with 700 Isolated Power Systems to Fight COVID-19

Bender Inc., the leading expert in electrical safety products, has been selected to support an urgent delivery of IPPs (Isolated Power Panels) to new…

Wechsel in der Geschäftsführung bei Bender in Grünberg
Heinz Nowicki joins Bender Group as Chief Sales Officer

The Bender Group is excited to announce that Heinz Nowicki has joined the company as its new Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

Skyline von Dresden
Bender Group Acquires German Tech Manufacturer, TechniSat GmbH from Techios Daun GmbH

The Bender Group, based in Germany, officially acquired TechniSat on February 28th, 2020. With this acquisition, Bender plans on creating further…

Bender's Covid-19 Plan
Bender Inc. Covid-19 Announcement

In response to the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, many companies are undertaking new policies and procedures in…

Bender Inc. is going green!
Bender Inc. Takes Action For a Greener Future

Bender Inc. has announced their plans to help preserve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Bender reist mit hessischem Ministerpräsidenten nach USA und Kanada
Bender travels with Hessian Prime Minister to USA and Canada

Markus Schyboll, CEO of Bender GmbH & Co. KG, is currently accompanying this year’s delegation to North America with representatives from the Hessian…

Bender discontinuation of power panel
Legacy panel discontinuation with launch of new panel

Bender Inc., an industry leader in electrical safety system monitoring and fault location detection, has launched a new line of isolated power panels…

Medical Products Launch
Bender Inc. Launches New Line of Medical Products

Bender Inc. Launches New Line of Medical Products

Smart. Flexibel. Zukunftssicher.
Smart. Flexible. Future-proof.

NEW! – LINETRAXX® SensorPRO residual current monitors

Neue Filmserie HRG
New film series: HRG systems - easily explained

We have just completed a new films series under the heading “easily explained” – this time three short clips deal with high resistance grounded (HRG)…

Isolationsfehlersuche in gekoppelten Netzen
Insulation fault location in coupled systems

ISOMETER® iso685-D-P insulation monitoring device with EDS44x insulation fault locator and IOM441 input/output module.

Display. Alert. Control

The new COMTRAXX® CP9xx alarm indicator and operator panel

Pumps and Systems NGR Monitoring
Bender Featured in "Pumps and Systems" Magazine

Bender's Jeff Glenney explains the benefits of continuous monitoring of neutral grounding resistors in production environments in the September 2018…

NEW Bender Neutral Grounding Resistance Monitor NGRM700 tracks AC and DC faults
Bender Neutral Grounding Resistance Monitor NGRM700 tracks AC and DC faults

The new NGRM700 multi-purpose device from Bender Inc. provides continuous monitoring of the neutral grounding resistance (NGR) and fault currents in…