Bender’s Torsten Gruhn Featured in Patch News Article

Torsten Gruhn

Patch News, a resource and website for local news stories, featured Torsten Gruhn, Bender’s head of EV, in a recent article. Torsten recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with Bender in 2021, a feat that is becoming increasingly rare nowadays, and Patch took notice.

The article, written by Patch’s Marlene Lang, explores Torsten’s journey with Bender, and his many accomplishments at various locations with Bender since then.

Even though Bender holds a strong presence in many industries, the company is not widely known in Exton. Marlene and the Patch team provide a glimpse into Bender’s technology, their specific yet innovative devices, Torsten’s role in the business through the years, and what is to come in the future for Bender, both locally and globally.

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