Bender Group Acquires German Tech Manufacturer, TechniSat GmbH from Techios Daun GmbH

Skyline von Dresden

The Bender Group, based in Germany, officially acquired TechniSat on February 28th, 2020. With this acquisition, Bender plans on creating further growth opportunities for various business segments. The areas of technology development and charging technology infrastructure for electric vehicles play an important role in almost all branches of industry in the unstoppable transition to electric vehicles.

Bender will incorporate the expertise available at TechniSat in the development of display applications, apps, and programs based on Linux and versatile wireless communication modules, and can adapt even better to the challenges of the smart technology in electric vehicles. This will also benefit the development of the charging technology for electric vehicles of ebee Smart Technologies GmbH from Berlin, another subsidiary of Bender.

Since 1990, the TechniSat research and development center has heavily invested in the training and development of their engineers and technicians. The Bender Group, with the former TechniSat development team from Dresden, Germany, will become an important development partner for the TechniSat Group, which guarantees a development agreement between the two groups of companies.

“With the new team in Dresden, our development, especially in the field of electric mobility, will be massively expanded”, said the Managing Director of Bender and ebee, Winfried Möll. TechniSat Managing Director, Stefan Kön, states “it is particularly important to be able to enter the fields of smart technology faster than ever, and (in cooperation with Bender), we are proud that we have succeeded in this.”

Bender Inc., located in Exton, PA, is a subsidiary of Bender Group, a family-owned company and global leader in providing electrical products and solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Bender Group is based in Grünberg, Germany, with operations in 11 countries around the world and representatives in an additional 70 countries.

TechniSat Dresden GmbH, previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of Techios Daun GmbH, sold all business shares to Bender GmbH & Co. KG as of February 28, 2020.