Bender Develops a New Healthcare Touch Screen Remote Alarm Indicator- COMTRAXX® CP305 to succeed the MK2430

New Healthcare Touch Screen Remote Alarm Indicator CP305

Isolated Power Systems (IPS) outfitted with a Line Isolation Monitor provide operating rooms, intensive care units, and other healthcare facilities with safe, reliable power while monitoring the system for hazardous conditions to protect patients and staff.

The new COMTRAXX® CP305 alarm indicator is designed to display the status of the IPS, EDS Fault Location System, and other Bender devices and notify the clinical and maintenance teams of any alarms safely and promptly.

The new CP305 is part of Bender’s CPxxx* Series of Operating Room Touch Control Panels. It features a modern 5" hygienic glass touchscreen display, an intuitive interface for ease of use, and Bender’s COMTRAXX Webserver capability for configuration via ethernet or NFC. Both audible and visual alarm feedback is provided with customized text messages such as: “Fault on Circuit #3 in room 508 - Remove connected device.” In conjunction with Bender’s EDS Fault Location System, the CP305 provides clinical staff with the necessary information, including where a fault occurred, thereby reducing troubleshooting and operating room downtime.

This device offers all prerequisites for future-proofing hospitals. It can be monitored, configured, updated, and maintained remotely without requiring technical personnel to enter sensitive hospital areas. A connection can be made via Ethernet or NFC using the new Bender Connect App. The CP305 is an excellent addition to any operating room, wet-procedure location, nurse’s station, or maintenance room to fulfill UL1047 display requirements while providing a modern aesthetic that is easy to clean, use, and maintain.

The CP305 is the successor to the MK2430 alarm indicator panel, which has reliably served hospitals across North America for years. As a direct drop-in replacement, the CP305 is a modern, easy-to-retrofit device that will quickly become the new standard for hospital building projects.

CP305 is part of the COMTRAXX® range of touchscreen control panels, including the CP9xx* Series Touch Control Panels, which offer an all-in-one solution to control and monitor numerous aspects of the operating room environment. The Bender CP9xx comes in three sizes — 7”, 15.6”, and 24”.



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