Bender CC613 charge controller receives the world's first VDE certificate

Handover of the VDE certificate

The latest generation of the Bender charge controller CC613 was developed for use in AC charging stations (Mode 3) according to DIN EN IEC 61851-1 and IEC 62955. Now the Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies e. V. (VDE) confirmed this standard conformity with the world's first certificate for a charge controller and thus paved the way for a significantly simplified certification of wall boxes and stationary stations for charging mode 3.

The certification covers the entire product family of the CC613, starting with the entry-level model "Home Basic" for simple home charging, through the smart variant "Home Energy Management" for connection to energy management systems for PV-based charging at home, to "Fully -Connected" variants with OCPP and 4G modem, which enable billing in accordance with calibration law.

In addition to core functions of the CC613 such as the integrated dynamic load management, energy management as well as the automatic authentication using Plug&Charge according to ISO 15118 provides in particular the integrated and patented 6 mA DC -Residual current detection according to IEC 62955 (no RCD type B required) is the central unique selling point on the market. The power circuit was qualified together with a switching element from Eaton Industries GmbH as part of the VDE approval and enables standard-compliant charging according to IEC 62955 up to Performance class of 22 kW.

Dennis Haub (standardization manager eMobility Bender GmbH & Co. KG) explains: "We managed to qualify a solution according to IEC 62955 in time for the end of the normative transition period and are accordingly proud, with our RDC-MD and a RCD type A to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive alternative to the expensive use of an RCD type B and thus significantly reduce the installation costs of the charging infrastructure."

Winfried Möll (CTO Bender GmbH & Co. KG) adds: "Customers who use the certified solution in their Mode 3 charging station (wall box or charging station) can expect immense simplifications and savings with the certification."

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