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  • Ground-fault monitoring specifically designed for marinas and shore power
  • Provides the ground-fault protection required by NEC 2020 (555.35, 555.53 & 682.15), NEC 2017 (555.3 & 682.15), and CE Code 78-052
  • Available in single-channel and twelve-channel models
  • Trip outputs, for connection to external shunt-trip circuit breakers
  • Strobe light externally mounted onto NEMA 4X rated enclosure, suitable for outdoor use
  • UL Listed Industrial Control Panel

MarinaGuard® series Listed Industrial Control Panels monitor for ground faults in feeder and branch circuits supplying electrical systems in marinas, boat yards, docking facilities, and similar locations. These panels satisfy the monitoring requirements of NEC 555.35, 555.53 & 682.15 (2020 edition).

MarinaGuard® panels are available with single-channel monitoring, or twelve-channel monitoring from a single panel. Each circuit features an adjustable trip level to set below the maximum allowed, if desired. External current transformers are used for measuring ground-fault current and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and core types.

All models have a NEMA 4X, outdoor rated enclosure. A strobe light, mounted to the top of the enclosure, provides clear, visual trip indication. Relay contacts are provided for connecting external interruption equipment, such as shunt-trip breakers.


  • Ground-fault monitoring panel for marinas and shore power
  • Satisfies monitoring requirements of NEC 555.3 & 682.15 and CEC 78-052
  • Available in single-channel and twelve-channel models
  • Factory default trip level pre-configured for code requirements, adjustable below maximum if desired
  • Relay contacts for connection to external shunt-trip breakers
  • Externally mounted strobe light provides clear, visual indication of alarms
  • NEMA 4X enclosure, outdoor-rated enclosure
  • Uses external current transformers for measurement, available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and core types


  • Ground-fault protection in marinas and boatyards
  • Compliance with shore-power ground-fault protection requirements of NEC 555.3 & 682.15 and CEC 78-052

MarinaGuard® Variant(s)

Part No.Monitoring ChannelsOrdering No.

Optional Accessories for MarinaGuard®

AC current transformers

Part No.OpeningShape and TypeOrdering No.
W1-S351.35" (35mm)circular, solidB911731
W2-S702.75" (70mm)circular, solidB911732
W3-S1054.1" (105mm)circular, solidB911733
W4-S1405.5" (140mm)circular, solidB911734
W5-S2108.25" (210mm)circular,solidB911735
WR70x175S2.75"x6.9" (70x175mm)rectangular, solidB911738
WR115x305S4.5"x12" (115x305mm)rectangular, solidB911739
WR150x350S5.9"x13.8" (150x350mm)rectangular, solidB911740
WR200x500S7.9"x19.7" (200x500mm)rectangular, solidB911763
WS20x300.75"x1.2" (20x30mm)rectangular, split-coreB98080601
WS50x802"x3.1" (50x80mm)rectangular, split-coreB98080603
WS80x1203.1"x4.7" (80x120mm)rectangular, split-coreB98080606

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