The MK2000CBM is a digital remote indicator for use with the BENDER LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor. The MK2000CBM duplicates audible and visual alarm indications on the LIM. The remote includes the following features:

  • Green "SAFE" LED, red "HAZARD" LED, and yellow "MUTE" LED
  • Mute button to silence audible alarm
  • Test button to initiate self-test of connected LIM
  • Digital display showing the THC of the connected LIM in real-time
  • Digital display showing transformer overload in real-time
  • Two-wire RS-485 connection for digital communication

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  • LED display for long life
  • No interference with medical equipment
  • Interfaces with all BENDER line isolation monitors, including the LIM2010
  • Uses low voltage wiring (12 VDC or 12 VAC)
  • Mounts to standard electrical gang box
  • Connection via screw terminal strip
  • Easy-to-clean, rugged stainless steel and lexan front foil
  • Safe, hazard, overload, and mute LEDs
  • Mute and test pushbuttons
  • Digital displays showing THC and overload readings in real-time
  • Operation Rooms


Mandatory accessories for MK2000CBM

LIM2010, Line Isolation MonitorLIM2010
STW Series – Current TransformerSTW Series
Note: this item must be use with the LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor.

Variants of MK2000CBM

Part NameTest buttonOverload LEDDigital displaySizeOrdering No.
MK2000CBMYesYesYesTwo gangB521300022

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