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The LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) measures the Total Hazard Current (THC) in an isolated (ungrounded) AC system. The Total Hazard Current is calculated by measuring the system‘s leakage impedance to ground. Alarm indication is displayed on a seven-segment display, LED bar graph, and digital display.

The LIM2010 operates on systems from 100 to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz. No auxiliary supply voltage is required.

Two separate ground connections are provided for ground connection monitoring. A break in either of these connections will activate the connection alarm.

The LIM2010 features many different alarms, including:

  • Total Hazard Current (THC)
  • Transformer overload
  • Transformer overtemperature
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage
  • Ground connection
  • Insulation resistance and impedance
  • Ground fault location (when used with BENDER EDS location system)

The LIM2010 is ideal for retrofit applications regardless of the make or type of the existing product. No metal needs to be cut and simple instructions will generally facilitate a change-over in less than one hour.


  • No interference with electrical equipment
  • Special phase-locking circuitry for ultimate stability and repeatability
  • 2 programmable voltage-free SPDT contacts for external alarms
  • Provision for remote indicators
  • Easy to clean rugged front foil
  • Digital and analog bar graph displays
  • Automatic self-calibration and self-check
  • Audible alarm volume adjustable via menu
  • Transformer load monitoring (optional)
  • Transformer overtemperature monitoring (optional)
  • RS-485 connections for compatibility with Bender's remote communication system
  • Provision to control multiple line isolation monitors via one intelligent remote
  • Additional communication devices available: Web browser based/E-mail and SMS
  • Interfaces with BENDER ground fault location system


  • Operating Rooms
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Note: this item must be part of an isolated power system.

LIM2010 Variant(s)

Part No.DescriptionOrdering No.
LIM20101 Phase, 100-240V, Line Isolation MonitorB521302493

For assistance with ordering please contact or call (610) 383-9200.

Optional Accessories for LIM2010

STW3, Transformer Load Monitoring DeviceSTW Series
CP-LIM2010 LIM Connector Plate 

Downloads for LIM2010

Manuals Modbus/TCP Integration 1.9 MB EN2019/05/13 10:31:4913.05.2019 10:31:49D00185
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Market Segment Brochures Isolated Power Planning Guide (US) 5.3 MB EN2020/10/09 14:57:0709.10.2020 14:57:07
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