GPM Series

GPM Series

BENDER series GPM ground and power modules provide a combination of hospital grade power receptacles and/or ground jacks to satisfy the requirements of general and critical care areas. Straight blade (single or duplex) and twist-to-lock receptacles may be provided. Also available are hospital grade ground cords to facilitate the implementation of an equipotential environment.

Ground and power modules are designed in strict compliance with UL467, UL50, the NFPA 70 (National Electric Code), and NFPA 99.

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  • Hospital grade outlet devices for supply and grounding of portable equipment
  • May contain hospital grade power receptacles, hospital grade ground jacks, and/or aluminum or copper ground buses
  • Available for flush or surface mounted applications
  • Operation Rooms


Optional accessories for GPM Series

HGC series – Hospital Ground Cords Hospital Ground Cords
Note: this item must be use with the LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor.

Variants of GPM Series

Part NameDescriptionOrdering No.
GPM-F4DR4(4) 30A/250V- Green Ground Jacks & (4) 20A/125V- Red Duplex ReceptaclesB521300405
GPM-F4NN0(4) 30A/250V- Green Ground JacksB521300349
GPM-F0NN0Ground bus w/ min. of 20 connections OnlyB521300400
GPM-F4TB4(4) 30A/250V- Green Ground Jacks & (4) 20A/125V-Locking ReceptaclesB521300407
For assistance with ordering please contact or call (610) 383-9200.

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