EDS441-LNA Kit

EDS441-LNA Kit

  • Automatic ground-fault location in ungrounded Hospital Isolated Power systems
  • Locates ground faults while the system remains online
  • Compatible with medical (LIM2010) applications
  • Capable of monitoring up to sixteen branch circuits
  • Uses the CTAC10/99 series current transformer sensors

When combined with BENDER's Line Isolation Monitor (LIM2010) and CTAC10/99 series current transformer strips, the EDS441-LNA-4 modules locate ground-faults in ungrounded Hospital Isolated Power systems. Using a special measurement signal after a ground fault is detected, up to sixteen separate channels are monitored in parallel to identify the corresponding circuit.

Fault location takes place automatically and while the system remains online, negating the need for interrupting(opening) branch circuit breakers or disconnecting equipment.

A complete, installed ground-fault location system requires a Line Isolation Monitor (LIM2010 for medical applications) and a single current transformer per circuit.

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  • Used in combination with the BENDER LIM2010 Line Isolation Monitor to create an automated ground fault location system in ungrounded Hospital Isolated Power systems
  • Remote monitoring and configuration via webserver with the BENDER COM465IP Communication Gateway device
  • Uses low-frequency, low-current, line-to-ground tracer signal for fault location
  • Channels scanned in parallel
  • Uses the CTAC10/99 series current transformer sensors
  • Wiring and hardware included for hassle-free field installation in existing Modular Isolated Power systems


Variants of EDS441-LNA Kit

Part No.Number of Circuits MonitoredOrdering Number
EDS441LNAKIT1Up to 12B561300003
EDS441LNAKIT2Up to 16B561300162
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