Healthcare Services

In healthcare facilities, NFPA requires regular testing of isolated power systems to ensure they are in peak condition, keeping patients and staff safe. Bender offers a complete range of services to validate the condition of these systems, as well as to ensure certification of meeting requirements of NFPA, NEC, and JCAHO regulations and standards.

Per NFPA 99:2015 Article, facilities must perform testing using external simulated faults after any modification, repair, or renovation to the system. Bender Field Service Technicians provide recertification testing for any manufacture and model of Isolated Power. Although it is possible for a facility to perform their own “in-house” testing on their LIMs (Line Isolation Monitors) utilizing a Bender LIM tester, this is not recommended due to the infrequency of testing needed and tools required to properly test. It is recommended to use in-house testing as a supplement to the more through testing performed by a qualified reputable service provider.

On-site start-up commissioning and LIM recertification and testing by a Bender technician is offered with all equipment sales for new installations. Bender offers an exclusive 5-year warranty on qualifying IPS (Isolated Power System) components, which is applied based upon successful commissioning by a Bender certified technician.

For new installation please refer to the Site Readiness Pre-Checklist for instructions to ensure proper preparation prior to Field Service Technician dispatch to site.

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