ISOMETER® isoPV1685 Series

ISOMETER® isoPV1685 Series

  • Application photovoltaic systems up to DC 1500 V
  • Separately adjustable response values 200 Ω…1 MΩ
  • Automatic adaptation to the system leakage capacitance up to 2000 μF
  • Interface selectable RS-485 or Modbus

The device is used for insulation and residual current monitoring of large photovoltaic systems up to 1500 V designed as IT systems. The measurement method specially developed for slow voltage fluctuations (MPP-Tracking) monitors the insulation resistance even in systems equipped with large solar generator panels where extremely high system leakage capacitances against ground exist due to interference suppression methods. Adaptation to system-related high leakage capacitances also occurs automatically. The device generates locating current pulses required for ground-fault location. That allows the localization of the ground fault using permanently installed or mobile ground-fault locators. Integrated ground-fault monitoring allows fast signalling of a measured ground faults on the AC side (inverter, transformer).

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  • Only device version isoPV1685P provide a locating current injector.
  • Insulation monitoring of large-scale photovoltaic systems
  • Measurement of low-resistance insulation faults
  • Separately adjustable response values Ran1 (alarm 1) and Ran2 (alarm 2) (both 200 Ω…1 MΩ) for prewarning and alarm. Ran1 ≥ Ran2 applies.
  • Automatic adjustment to high system leakage capacitances up to 2000 μF, selectable range
  • Connection monitoring of L+, L- for reverse polarity (DC only)
  • Integrated locating current injector up to 50 mA (isoPV1685P only)
  • Device self test with automatic message in the event of a fault
  • Alarm relays separately adjustable for insulation fault 1, insulation fault 2
  • CAN interface to output measured values, statuses and alarms
  • RS-485 interface
    – isoPV1685P: BMS bus, e.g. to control the insulation fault location
    – isoPV1685RTU: BMS bus or Modbus (can be switched using the DIP switch)
  • μSD card with data logger and history memory for alarms

Variants of ISOMETER® isoPV1685 Series

Ordering information
TypeResponse value rangeSupply voltage UsNominal system voltage UnArt. No.
isoPV1685RTU-425200 Ω…1 MΩDC 18…30 VAC 0…1000 V/DC 0…1500 VB91065603
isoPV1685P-425200 Ω…1 MΩDC 18…30 VDC 0…1500 VB91065604

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