Personnel, equipment, and fire protection in industrial facilities

Service and main system protection

Bender products provide advanced ground-fault protection for solidly grounded, high-resistance grounded, and ungrounded systems at the service entrance or main. Using the latest monitoring technology, Bender ground-fault monitors provide accurate readings of both AC and DC ground faults, including mixed AC/DC ground faults from power conversion equipment.

Industrial solutions for ANSI/UL and CSA markets

For solidly grounded systems:

For high-resistance grounded systems:

For ungrounded systems:

NEC 230.95
NEC 250.21(B)
NEC 250.167
CSA C22.1 Part 1 (CE Code) 14-102
CSA C22.1 Part 1 (CE Code) 10-106(2)

Branch ground-fault protection and location

Locate faults quickly and automatically

Bender provides ground-fault location equipment for industrial electrical systems of virtually all types and sizes. Locate ground faults down to the circuit or load level while the system remains online. Automated ground-fault location helps to greatly reduce system downtime and service costs. Fault location systems can be integrated into existing fieldbus networks, and are compatible with Bender's POWERSCOUT cloud-based analytics solution.

Industrial solutions for ANSI/UL and CSA markets

For grounded systems:

For ungrounded systems:


Building management integration, cloud-based analytics, and more

Today's smart manufacturing facilities use a building management system to automate processes, trend behaviors, and plan for the future. Bender products are easily integratable into existing fieldbus networks, including Modbus and Profibus. Communication gateways provide web-based interfaces for seeing systems at a glance. For facilities looking to redefine how they trend and analyze system health, POWERSCOUT provides a comprehensive, scalable cloud-based solution which can span multiple systems, facilities, and locations.

Industrial solutions for ANSI/UL and CSA markets

Fieldbus integration and web-based information gateway:

Cloud-based analytics: