• Increase of the Isometer's nominal voltage range
  • Application with IRDH275BM-7
  • For medium-voltage applications up to AC/DC 7.2 kV (AGH675S-7)
  • For medium-voltage applications up to AC/DC 15.5 kV (AGH675S-7MV)

The coupling device AGH675S-7/AGH675S-7MV15 series is designed to extend the nominal voltage range of the ISOMETER® IRDH275BM-7. The coupling device is connected to the system to be monitored by one pole and connected to the terminal AK of the ISOMETER® by means of the terminal 5.

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Variants of AGH675S-7

TypeNominal system voltage UnCable lengthArt. No.
AGH675S-7-500AC/DC 0…7.2 kV, 0…460 Hz500mmB913060
AGH675S-7-2000AC/DC 0…7.2 kV, 0…460 Hz20000mmB913061
AGH675S-7MV15-500AC/DC 0…15.5 kV, 0…460 Hz500 mmB913058

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