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  • Increase of the ISOMETER® nominal voltage range
  • Used with ISOMETER® of the iso685 series
  • For AC up to 1650 V

The coupling device AGH204S-4 is designed to extend the nominal voltage range of the ISOMETER® iso685 series to AC, 3(N)AC 0…1650/0…1300 V, 50…400 Hz. The coupling device is connected to the system to be monitored according to the wiring diagram and connected to the terminal AK of the ISOMETER® by means of terminal AK… .

AGH204S-4 Variant(s)

TypeNominal system voltage UnArt. No.
AGH204S-4AC 0…1650 V/0…1300 VB914013

Downloads for AGH204S-4

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