The CMS460 system consists of one or several CMS460-D load current evaluators which are able to detect and evaluate load currents in grounded and ungrounded power supplies via the associated measuring current transformers. The maximum voltage of the system to be monitored depends on the nominal insulation voltage of the measuring current transformer used in the case of busbar systems, or on the cables or conductors that are routed through. W… (closed), WR… (rectangular) and WS… (split-core) and WF… (flexible) measuring current transformers are used for alternating and pulsating currents. Any combination of the various measuring current transformer series can be connected to the evaluator measuring channels. Each CMS460-D utilizes 12 measuring channels. Up to 90 load current evaluators can be connected via a BMS bus (RS-485 interface with BMS protocol), thereby up to 1080 measuring channels (sub-circuits) can be monitored. If this product is to be used for fire or plant protection, the frequency response can be set accordingly. The measured currents can be analyzed for harmonics.

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  • Optional AC or pulsed DC sensitive measurements for each channel
  • r.m.s. value measurement
  • 12 measuring channels per individual device for load current
  • Up to 90 evaluators CMS460-D in the system (1080 measuring channels)
  • Fast parallel scanning for all channels
  • Response ranges 100 mA…125 A (42…2000 Hz)
  • Preset function
  • Adjustable time delays
  • Adjustable frequency behaviour (e.g. fire and plant protection)
  • History memory with date and time stamp for 300 data records/channel
  • Data logger for 300 data records/channel
  • Analysis of the harmonics, THD
  • Two alarm relays with one changeover contact each
  • N/O or N/C operation and fault memory selectable
  • Connection external test and reset button
  • Backlit graphical display (7-segment display) and alarm LEDs
  • Data exchange via BMS bus
  • Password protection for device setting
  • RoHS compliant
  • Monitoring of loads and installations for load currents in the frequency range of 42…2000 Hz (measuring current transformers W…, WR…, WS…, WF…)
  • Monitoring of currents regarded as fire hazards in flammable atmospheres
  • EMC monitoring of TN systems for “stray currents” and additional N-PE connections
  • Monitoring of N conductors for overload caused by harmonics
  • Monitoring of PE and equipotentional bonding conductors to ensure they are free of current


Optional accessories for LINETRAXX® CMS460-D

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
DI-1DL (interface repeater)AC 85…260 V, 50…60 HzB95012047
AN471 (power supply unit for DI-1 or DI-2)AC 230 V 50/60 Hz/AC, DC 20 VB924189
Snap-on mounting W20…/35…B98080501
Snap-on mounting W60…B98080502
* Absolute values

Protocol converters

TypeSupply voltage US*Art. No.
COM460IPAC/DC 76…276 V, 42…460 HzB95061010
COM462RTUAC/DC 76…276 V, 42…460 HzB95061022
FTC470XDPDC 85…276 V / AC 85…276 V, 50…400 HzB95061000
*Absolute values

Alarm indicator and test combination

TypeArt. No.
** Other versions on request

Measuring current transformers

TypeInside diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
WR70x17570 x 175rectangularB98080609
WR115x305115 x 305rectangularB98080610
WS20x3020 x 30split-coreB98080601
WS50x8050 x 80split-coreB98080603
WS80x12080 x 120split-coreB98080606

Flexible measuring current transformers (pulsed current sensitive)

TypeInside diameter/mmSupply voltage USArt. No.
WF170-1170DC 9,6…94 V/AC 42…460 Hz 16…72 VB78080201
WF170-2170DC 70…300 V/AC 42…460 Hz 70…300 VB78080202
WF250-1250DC 9,6…94 V/AC 42…460 Hz 16…72 VB78080203
WF250-2250DC 70…300 V/AC 42…460 Hz 70…300 VB78080204
WF500-1500DC 9,6…94 V/AC 42…460 Hz 16…72 VB78080205
WF500-2500DC 70…300 V/AC 42…460 Hz 70…300 VB78080206
WF800-1800DC 9,6…94 V/AC 42…460 Hz 16…72 VB78080207
WF800-2800DC 70…300 V/AC 42…460 Hz 70…300 VB78080208
WF1200-11200DC 9,6…94 V/AC 42…460 Hz 16…72 VB78080209
WF1200-21200DC 70…300 V/AC 42…460 Hz 70…300 VB78080210

Variants of LINETRAXX® CMS460-D

TypeSupply voltage* UsArt. No.
CMD460-D-1AC 16…72 V, 42…460 Hz/DC 16…94 VB94053017
CMD460-D-2AC 70…276 V, 42…460 Hz/DC 70…276 VB94053018
* Absolute values

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