The ZT1590 digital clock and timer is a complete, microprocessor-based device that displays both time of day and elapsed time information. The ZT1590 has a dual-row, 7-segment display with large, red LED characters, easily read in high ambient light. All features, as well as the device setup, may be carried out with the four, onboard pushbuttons, or on an optionally connected MK1550 clock remote. No DIP switch configuration is required.

The digital clock on the ZT1590 may be set to 12 hour or 24 hour mode. The time is displayed on the top display. If power is lost to the device, the clock will continue to run (with the display inactive) for at least 24 hours, without loss of time. The elapsed timer begins in minutes/seconds, and will automatically switch over to hours/minutes after reaching 59:59.

The ZT1590 is a very low-profile device, with a depth of only slightly over 1". An external class 2 power supply (sold separately or as part of a kit) is available, allowing the ZT1590 to be powered by 100-240 VAC. Refer to ZT1590RS for a complete, preassembled kit in backbox.

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  • 12/24 hour clock time
  • Elapsed time in minutes/seconds automatically carried over to hours/minutes
  • All device set up and features carried out via connected MK1550 chronometer remote
  • Plugable connectors for simple installation
  • Utilizes external class 2 power supply for low voltage power
  • Power outage backup for at least 24 hours, no batteries required
  • Operation Rooms
  • Intensive Care Units


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MK1550 – Clock RemoteMK1550

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