My team at Wood PLC was executing an aggressive delivery schedule for a drilling platform. Bender helped us develop the interactive communication with their intelligent devices to monitor the motors, and also interconnected with the VFD drilling bus bar system and ground detection in the same VFD Panel. This allowed the Bender modules to talk to each other and still provide accurate measurements. Great and brilliant cost-effective solution, thanks to Bender.

- Roberto Olivares, Wood PLC

While investigating the upgrade of a DC drive field excitation circuit, I noticed there was no ground fault supervision. The Bender ISO685 unit was the easy answer to this problem. The installation was quick thanks to detailed instructions and functionality flexibility. Commissioning was faster than anticipated with the intuitive menu navigation and function description. Onboard historical trending is also very convenient as it allows troubleshooting of intermittent events. There’s no doubt this product is defining what a high end quality product should be.

- Rémi Desrosiers, P.Eng., Amp Metric Industries inc.

At start-up and commissioning of the entire system, the Bender support staff was onsite to assist making the process flawless.

– Doug Sullivan, Senergy LLC

With the looming schedule of procedures, literally days away in our new surgical suite, the Bender team embraced our need for an immediate solution. I can say with confidence that all future opportunities I have to work with Bender will be met with the satisfaction of knowing that I am working with a great group of professionals.

- Harris J. Berloe, Atlas Switch Company