Webinar Details

Lounge & Learn: IPC vs. GFCI in an Operating Room

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Time: 1 PM EST

Duration: 30 minutes


Compare the two different system design choices consulting engineers and key hospital decision makers have to make when deciding to go with isolated power and GFCI in patient care areas.

Key Topics Covered:

  • What is considered a wet procedure location in a hospital?
  • How does an IPC differ from a GFCI?
  • What happens when a GFCI sees a ground fault in comparison to an IPC panel?
  • What does the CEC/NFPA say about using GFCI vs IPC?


Sonny Solanki, Application Sales Engineer, Bender Canada Inc.

Sonny Solanki is an Application Sales Engineer at Bender Canada Inc. He focuses on design, sales, troubleshooting and commissioning of medical and industrial Bender products across Canada. Sonny earned a B. Eng degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, ON and is currently in the process of getting a Professional Engineering License in Ontario. In addition to his daily routine, he also educates engineering consultants, OEMs and end users on the importance of ground fault monitoring to maximize operational availability and safety.

Lounge & Learn: IPC vs. GFCI in an Operating Room