Field Testing

Field Testing Services

Bender Authorized technicians are available to complete Certification Field Testing Services on all makes and models of Isolated Power Panels. To be compliant with NFPA 99, all new installations of isolated power panels must be factory certified to ensure proper installation and function, prior to putting the panels into service.

Certification Field Testing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visual inspection of newly installed panel for proper installation and compliance with wiring requirements per NEC 517.160
  • Impedance and Hazard current measurements
  • Ground continuity and receptacle polarity testing
  • Receptacle voltage measurements
  • Testing for Proper function of Line Isolation Monitors, remote annunciators, and any accessory modules
  • Onsite Training for hospital staff on the proper use and care of isolated power systems
  • Certification report with all testing data
  • Certification of Limited Warranty on Bender isolated power equipment

Technicians can also advise hospital staff on annual recertification options, including multi-year agreements, to ensure the continued compliance and proper function of all equipment.