XM Series

XM Series

BENDER's hospital grade isolation transformers provide isolation between configured primary and secondary voltages. Standard single-phase transformers are configured at the factory for a single primary voltage and a single secondary voltage. Dual secondary transformers are configured at the factory for a single primary voltage, a secondary voltage, and an additional secondary voltage rated for 120 VAC.

BENDER isolation transformers are intended for use as a part of an isolated power system. Refer to BENDER's line of isolated power panels for more information.

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  • Single-phase, copper-wound transformers with primary and secondary voltages configured at the factory
  • Power rating configurable up to 25 kVA
  • Class H rated insulation
  • Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary windings, grounded to enclosure
  • Maximum 37 dB sound level
  • Maximum leakage current in compliance with UL 1047 (tables 30.1 and 30.2) and CSA Z32.2
  • Mounting hardware provided for simple installation
  • Operating Rooms


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XMK SeriesXMK Series
*Note: this item must be part of an isolated power system.

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For assistance with ordering please contact Medical.Sales@Bender-us.com or call (610) 383-9200.

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