Isolated Power Panels for X-Ray / Laser Equipment

Isolated Power Panels for X-Ray / Laser Equipment

Bender's isolated power panels may also be configured to feed x-ray and laser receptacles at intervals up to 60 A (within the power rating of the panel). The panel is comprised of a power section and a control section. A single panel can supply power for up to twelve (12) circuits. Receptacle modules may be configured with an “in-use“ lamp as well as a LIM  remote indicator. The access door to the remote power receptacle may also be equipped with a limit switch used to lock out power to other receptacles connected to the panel.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

The PLC, built into the panel, controls which circuits are available. The PLC control logic is configured to a particular system‘s requirements. Control wiring from push-buttons, door switches, etc. are permanently wired into the input section. Signals or contact closures from the output section may be used to actuate contactors and to apply power to the circuit. The PLC determines how the outputs respond. 

Bender type XRM receptacle modules are recommended for use with this panel configuration (see accessories).

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