COM465IP Series

COM465IP Series

  • Local software installation NOT required
  • No reoccurring licensing fees
  • Complete Isolated Power system overview
  • System reporting, history logs, and parameterization for all connected BENDER devices
  • Up to 99 device addresses per COM module
  • Capable of connecting multiple COM modules for larger systems
  • Adaptable to individual requirements by means of function modules

The COM465IP is a Condition Monitor with an integrated gateway. The intuitive COMTRAXX user interface provides a perfect system overview and allows simple and intuitive parameterization of all connected devices. The user interface is based on HTML5 and is therefore future-proof and provides barrier-free access. The COM465IP transmits data of all devices in the system via Modbus TCP and SNMP. This allows requests of all Bender devices with communication capability, such as LIM2010, EDS, or CMS, to be integrated into a Modbus TCP or SNMP system.  It provides several interfaces and can therefore integrate all BENDER devices and third-party devices into the system.

Existing interfaces:

  • RS-485: BMS, Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet: BCOM, Modbus TCP, SNMP

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  • Condition Monitor for BENDER systems
  • Integrated modular gateway between BENDER systems and TCP/IP enables remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Range of functions adjustable through function modules
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) for remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Support of devices connected to the internal or external BMS bus via BCOM, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
  • Healthcare Facilities


Optional accessories for COM465IP Series

Function Module (Software License)ApplicationArt no.
Function Module AIndividual texts for devices/channels, device failure monitoring, e-mail in case of an alarmB75061011
Function Module BModbus TCP server for max. 98 * 139 BMS nodes as well as BCOM and universal measuring devices, SNMP serverB75061012
Function Module CParameter setting of BMS devices as well as BCOM and universal measuring devicesB75061013
Function Module DVisualization of Bender systems, System visualizationB75061014
Function Module EVirtual devicesB75061015
Function Module FIntegrating third-party devicesB75061016

Variants of COM465IP Series

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