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LifeGuard® Protection Panels

Bender is a leading provider of protection solutions for industrial facilities, for applications from power distribution monitoring to load protection. Our wide and varied portfolio of products ensures that your facility has the ground-fault protection it needs.

Bender’s LifeGuard® panels ensure that your facilities receive the best ground-fault protection. LifeGuard® panels trip and interrupt the supply to the protected circuit when ground-fault current over the set value is detected. Our complete package of ground-fault detection and interruption includes the following features and options:

  • Models for 20, 60, and 100-A circuit protection
  • All models suitable for 120 to 600 V and 2, 3, and 4-wire circuits
  • Fixed-level 6-mA inverse-time or field-adjustable definite-time trip characteristic
  • Interrupting time as quick as 25 ms
  • Filtering to minimize false trips
  • Grounded-neutral protection
  • Compatible with systems and circuits with variable-frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Easy-to-install NEMA 4X polycarbonate or stainless-steel enclosure, or open styles
  • UL 508A Listed Industrial Control Panels


  • For grounded and high-resistance grounded systems
  • Voltage up to 600 VAC
  • Single-phase or three-phase AC systems
  • Works on systems with DC components and systems with variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Fixed 6-mA models with inverse time curve to help prevent nuisance tripping
  • Options for adjustable trip level available
  • Power On and Circuit Tripped LED indication
  • Test and Rest pushbuttons
  • AC and DC ground-fault protection
  • Enclosed and open types are UL 508A Listed Industrial Control Panels

LifeGuard® Protection Panels Variant(s)

Model NumberDescriptionOrder Number
LG2-20-A-NLifeGuard 20 A, field adjustable, open styleB541301001
LG2-20-A-PLifeGuard 20 A, field adjustable, type 4X polycarbonateB541301002
LG2-20-A-SLifeGuard 20 A, field adjustable, type 4X stainless steelB541301003
LG2-20-F-NLifeGuard 20 A, fixed 6 mA, open styleB541301004
LG2-20-F-PLifeGuard 20 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X polycarbonateB541301005
LG2-20-F-SLifeGuard 20 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X stainless steelB541301006
LG2-60-A-NLifeGuard 60 A, field adjustable open styleB541301007
LG2-60-A-PLifeGuard 60 A, field adjustable, type 4X polycarbonateB541301008
LG2-60-A-SLifeGuard 60 A, field adjustable, type 4X stainless steelB541301009
LG2-60-F-NLifeGuard 60 A, fixed 6 mA, open styleB541301010
LG2-60-F-PLifeGuard 60 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X polycarbonateB541301011
LG2-60-F-SLifeGuard 60 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X stainless steelB541301012
LG2-100-A-NLifeGuard 100 A, field adjustable open styleB541301013
LG2-100-A-PLifeGuard 100 A, field adjustable, type 4X polycarbonateB541301014
LG2-100-A-SLifeGuard 100 A, field adjustable, type 4X stainless steelB541301015
LG2-100-F-NLifeGuard 100 A, fixed 6 mA, open styleB541301016
LG2-100-F-PLifeGuard 100 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X polycarbonateB541301017
LG2-100-F-SLifeGuard 100 A, fixed 6 mA, type 4X stainless steelB541301018

Optional Accessories for LifeGuard® Protection Panels

Please refer to the datasheet for information on accessories

Downloads for LifeGuard® Protection Panels

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