Ships and Offshore

2 Unearthed power supplies (IT systems) monitored by an ISOMETER® provide solutions which on one hand offer com- prehensive protection of people and equipment and on the other hand meet the ever increasing high requirements for availability and cost reduction. IT systems – in many parts of the world better known as ”unearthed systems or floating systems“ – are mentioned in all national and international standards. For all IT Systems the standard IEC 60364-4-41:2005-12 ”Protection against electric shock“ applies. In addition, the following standards for maritime applications apply: ■■ IEC 60092-201:1994-08 Electrical installations in ships – part 201: System design – General ■■ IEC 60092-502:1999-02 Electrical installations in ships – part 502: Tankers: Special features ■■ IEC 60092-202:1994-03 Electrical installations in ships – part 202: System design – Protection ■■ IEC 60092-504:2001-03 Electrical installations in ships – part 504: Special features – Control and instrumentation ■■ IEC 60092-507:2008-01 Electrical installations in ships – part 507: Small vessels ■■ IEC 61892-1:2001-12 Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations – part 1: General requirements and conditions ■■ IEC 61892-2:2012-03 Mobile and fixed offshore units – part 2: System design ■■ IEC 61892-5:2010-08 Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations – part 5: Mobile units ■■ IEC 61892-7:2007-11 Mobile and fixed offshore units – Electrical installations – part 7: Hazardous areas ■■ Regulations relating to maritime electrical installations: 2001-12, Directorate for fire and electrical safety, Norway and other international standards, like: Solas, IMO, Lloyd’s, IEE, NEK etc. Electrical safety in maritime applications Bender provides electrical safety products that contribute to an optimum of high operating safety and reliability in power supplies. The innovative solutions we offer today are based on more than half a century of experience. The products are developed for demanding applications in industries, hospitals, commercial buildings, ships and many other various areas. A high degree of standardization means cost effective and highly reliable solutions. ■■ ISOMETER® – Insulation monitoring device ■■ Insulation fault location systems (EDS) ■■ Systems for the electrical safety of medically used rooms ■■ Residual current monitors (RCM) ■■ Control and indication panels ■■ Communication solutions. Unearthed systems become standard Electrical systems on ships and offshore platforms should be designed in such a way that: ■■ Operating safety and reliability of the electrical systems must be guaranteed ■■ Protection for passengers and personnel in case of insulation faults is secured ■■ International standards and regulations are complied with. Therefore, the use of unearthed electrical systems (IT systems) with insulation monitoring is crucial in many maritime applica- tions. For example: IEEE – Recommendedpractice for electrical installations on shipboard 33.7.6 Electrical installations on tank vessels Electrical distribution systems of less than 1000 V (line to line) should be unearthed Service and support Bender supplies electrical safety products worldwide. We also provide support and service for all Bender supplied systems and plants. Our involvement begins with the concept stage as we work very closely with the ship builder. We continue as an integral member of the team during the construction phase and, thereafter, through the entire operational life of the ship or offshore platform.