2/2018 | MONITOR | 33 Reliability thanks to Bender technology To ensure the reliability, maximum availability and cost-ef- fectiveness of such a modern EDP system, which is a must for the majority of companies, an interruption-free power supply is vital, as even brief interruptions of just a few milliseconds can have serious and far-reaching consequences. This not only comprises safeguarding via appropriate redundant supply channels, emergency generating units and UPS systems, but also the com- plete cabling infrastructure. However, first and foremost, the indispensable basis for fault-free functioning and operation of the necessary support systems is an EMC- safe power supply. The basis for high availability uand safety In accordance with EN 50600-2-2:2014 and DIN VDE 0100-444:2010-10, only TN-S systems are to be used in data centres. In the publications on the standards and specifications as well as on the IT baseline protection developed by the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security), the importance of an EMC-compliant installa- tion is always stressed in this context in order to avoid disturbances from stray currents and damage to devices and conductive building components. The fundamental Small data centres offering maximum flexibility There is ever-growing demand for mini data centres. In industrial and production facilities, for example, they can be set up directly next to machines where they serve to minimise losses of time and security. In small companies they offer a space-saving way to guarantee IT 1) security. With the Smart Cage PRIOR1 has designed a solution with which valuable space is not filled with racks but with height units and can be adapted to its surround- ings. High server and packing density in a compact area can be used wherever IT demands are high yet only minimal space is available. Features: • Unlimited flexibility • Scalability, can be adapted to meet changing needs • Integration in any room environment • Electrical and cooling supply can be expanded upwards without restrictions • All degrees of redundancy possible. The 19‘‘ PRIOR1 Smart System can be integrated in any given room structure and can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements. All the requirements for a data centre are satisfied, from the redundant air condi- tioning and energy supply through to tailored security technology. A very low inherent weight is achieved thanks to the lightweight construction made of aluminium profiles. The structural design makes customised solutions pos- sible. Cable management components, PDU strips and other accessories are all included in the Smart Cage. Innovative air-conditioning base plates can be integrated anywhere in the system layout. Highly complex room utilisation is possible given the intelligent composition of various technical solutions (air conditioning, UPS, server housing system etc.). 1) IT stands for information technology and comprises all technologies relating to electronic data processing.