2/2018 | MONITOR | 31 conditions for the operation have changed. Adapted fire extinguishing systems and safe power supply are therefore a must. In addition to the compliance with the regulations, the safety of employees is our top priority. However, the nearly 100% required availability of a data centre must not be overlooked. For uninterrupted availability, in accordance with the applicable standards/regulations, new systems have now been set up. What are these new systems? The permanent RCM measurement was set up as a solution for the manual DGUV-V4 measurement, as well as POWERSCOUT ® for an uninterrupted recording and visualisation of all RCM measured values in terms of power quality. What were your motivations for establishing a permanent RCM measurement? First and foremost, we were concerned with the fulfil- ment of the VDE and DGUV requirements and, above all, the personal protection. For system and fire safety, a measurement of the insulation resistance of all cables and lines is required at regular intervals. In a modern data centre like ours, however, it is no longer possible to shut down the power supply and, of course, it is not desired. Therefore, a new approach must be taken. The permanent monitoring of the systems increases the availability of the overall system. And what’s there now is normative compliant personal protection even without RCDs. What aspects were important to you when deciding on this solution? On the one hand the sound legal certainty with regard to fire and personal protection, on the other hand the extensive monitoring, with the help of which long-term processes and dependencies can be con- ciliated with other events. Only the constant recording and documentation as well as the continual access to the system ensure legal certainty, since we do not have an automatic fire extinguishing system yet. The variant that is being used now also offers a mixture of other benefits, for example, automated monitoring over 365 days/24 hours a day. This will provide us with a prompt error display and message as soon as there is a disturbance; as well as the extensive evaluation and documentation of the meas- ured values. In addition, the measuring technology used is a one- off acquisition cost that can be easily calculated and amortised. What experiences were you able to collect during those first few weeks and months? I now see all the changes since they are automatical- ly recorded and any abnormalities immediately lead to an automatic message. This way, even small dis- turbances can be detected early and do not cause a failure. Errors that do not constantly occur might not have been noticed otherwise. However, they are now detected by permanent measurement. How would you describe the system? Were your expectations fulfilled? Our expectations were met 100%. First and fore- most, we were concerned with the detection of residual currents. Thanks to the visualisation with POWERSCOUT ® , all individual residual currents can now be assigned to further events with a uniform time. If the values are exceeded, a simple tracing of the causes is possible. This makes the evaluation of error and mapping much easier now. Therefore, we will include additional computer rooms at FAU in the monitoring process in the future. / | I | Peter Eckert, BU Industrial Solutions, Segment Management Matthias Niedermann, Technical Office Nuremberg