| MONITOR | 2/2018 Markus Schyboll CEO 02 Dear Readers, editorial Bender GmbH & Co. KG. Londorfer Straße 65 35305 Gruenberg /Germany Fon: +49 6401 807 - 0 Fax: +49 6401 807 - 259 E-Mail: Editorial staff: Marita Schwarz-Bierbach, Anne Katrin Römer Graphic & layout: Natascha Schäfer, Copy-editing/text: Michaela Heck M.A., textwerk Photos: Bender archive, S!Designment archive, bender- systembau, JÖRG STEFFEN Ingenieurges. mbH, Euskirchener Baugesell-schaft mbH, GmbH, PRIOR1 GmbH, eetarp Engineering PTE Ltd. Singapur, Mount Alvernia Hospital Singapur, Elektro Schöffmann, CSA Group Toronto Kanada, Ammann Asphalt GmbH, AdobeStock: Kadmy, nito, supapornss, wawritto, Sergey Milovidov, kavring, vectorlia, jpfoto66, Matej Kastelic Fotolia: Eyemark 123RF: Gerad Koudenburg Print: JD Druck. Lauterbach E D I TOR I A L In a year that has again been successful and dynamic for most of us, the time has come for the final spurt. Internationalisation, production 4.0, digitalisation have again been part of our daily decision-making. In recent months, these key issues have been complemented by concerns about the global economy, market foreclosures, unresolved trade issues with the US and the lack of clarity surrounding Brexit in Europe. When assessing future risks, these issues are of course taken into consideration. But is this also true for the security and availability of your power supply? When did you last check this or include it in your company's risk assessment? What would it cost your company if the power grid fails completely or in part for a period X? How long does it take for production to fully resume following shutdown, cleaning or recalibration? What impact does this have on your cus- tomers and your supply chain? For an increasing number of our customers, this risk analysis is becoming standard worldwide. Electrical safety and availability can no longer be taken for granted and has become a basis for many risk analyses. We advise you on choosing the right system. Regardless of the system type – unearthed, resistance earthed or earthed – we provide long-term support in the correct monitoring of your systems to enable you to carry out necessary maintenance work at the right time and in a planned manner. In this issue of MONITOR, find out about the many ways our systems are being utilised and apply them to your own critical areas. Visitors of SPS IPC Drives at the end of November are warmly invited to witness our systems in operation in the Nuremberg exhibition centre's electrical installation. At this year's international trade fair, Bender can be relied on to offer you tailor-made solutions and inspiration while also delivering maximum safety. Best regards IMPRINT SUBSCRIPTION Would you like to receive a print version of the MONITOR twice a year and free of charge ? Please use the link or scan the code.