2/2017 | MONITOR | 17 Objective achieved Undesirable N-PE bridges and stray currents in the electrical systems are identified immediately thanks to the continuous measurements of the CEP. Interference sources can be located by means of the timely documentation of limit value violations in the plus or minus range. A COM465IP type gateway transfers all measured values and alarm messages from an RCMS460 residual current monitor to the VDU work station. Monitoring of electrical systems At MULTIVAC, important electrical systems are mea- sured directly at the outputs in the LVMD via AC/ DC sensitive measuring current transformers of type W120AB. The measured values generated by the transformers are also passed on to the work station and recorded. measuring current transformer from Bender. Continuous current monitoring of the foundation earth electrode to the main earthing busbar occurs at the same time. It must be ensured that the earthing of all transformer star points occur centrally at just one earthing point (CEP) in the LVMD. The PEN conductors from the trans- former star point must be insulated against earth over their complete course. The PEN rail must be clearly marked as such and the PEN conductor may only be connected to the protective earth (PE) in the CEP. Only 3-pole switching devices may be used in the feed as the PEN conductor may not be switched. The outputs can be equipped with 4-pole switching devices. AC/DC sensitive measurement for load installations ” MULTIVAC provides flexible and intelligent solutions for packaging operations. ” Fig. 1 Measurement CEP Transformer Load (installation) Load (installation) Equipotential bonding Central grounding point (ZEP) (isolated)