1/2018 | MONITOR | 39 Dashboard We conducted this interview with the engineer Stefan Winkelmann who has worked as Head of Technical Facility Management at NürnbergMesse for over 20 years. Mr Winkelmann, what requirements does NürnbergMesse have in terms of electrical safety? As the Technical Facility Management department at NürnbergMesse, we look after an extensive area featuring 15 exhibition halls and different congress and office buildings. Providing our exhibitors, visitors and employees with a safe supply of power is a basic prerequisite for a successful exhibition. To further enhance this safety, new systems have been installed at NürnbergMesse. Which ones? We have installed residual current technology with permanent RCM measurement as a solution for the manual measurement system that has been used to date. The automated residual current report forms the basis for measurements without shutdown in line with DGUV Regulation 3. Furthermore, we decided to opt for POWERSCOUT ® to enable life-long recording of all values relating to power quality. What motivated you to set up a permanent RCM measurement? The technical department consists of several areas such as facility service, technical facility manage- ment for in-house systems, and the building depart- ment responsible for new construction work. All three sub-areas also look after electrical engineering. The large number of current distribu- tion units – there are about 150 on the site – makes it almost impossible to monitor everything continuously. On top of that, you have the interference of a constant stream of people in the electrical systems and also exhibitors and visitors connecting their devices, the quality of which we cannot esti- mate. At Bender’s booth interested exhibition visitors could view the big screen and gain insights into the electrical installation at NürnbergMesse with POWERSCOUT ® . This demonstration showed: POWERSCOUT ® brings together all stored data from the measurement and monitoring devices installed on-site and creates easy-to-understand visualisations, analyses as well as user-specific reports of all important measured values. This allowed users to monitor the present status of the whole area. Disturbances can be detected at an early stage and causes can be eliminated in a timely manner before any damage or system breakdowns occur. This con- tinuous monitoring ensures a safe power supply and makes predictive maintenance possible for the oper- ator. Through a combination of measuring technology and software, you can significantly simplify periodic verification. “Safety at a very high level”