Recognizing connections - optimizing maintenance


The web-based software solution POWERSCOUT® by Bender offers new possibilities to the customers in the area of proactive maintenance.

POWERSCOUT® gives you an insight into the entire data of your installation at any time, since all measured values are automatically and continuously saved. POWERSCOUT® integrates the data from the measuring and monitoring devices, and generates easily comprehensible visualizations not only for Bender measuring devices but also third-party measuring devices. It records data across locations, which allows comparing several buildings or company locations. At the same time, POWERSCOUT® supports the analysis of the device data and thereby documents the condition of the electrical installation at all times. During installation, the software can already be individually adjusted to the customer's system and monitoring requirements.

This well-founded database allows representing real trend curves and finding the causes of malfunctions. Fault currents and gradually developing insulation faults can be detected in time. Consequently, the user receives information regarding location and cause at an early stage. Unexpected disturbances or shutdowns, potential system failure or destruction of expensive equipment can be avoided.

In addition, POWERSCOUT® generates and saves the test protocols of the residual currents. This automated report on residual currents forms the basis for measuring without switch-off by means of periodic verification.