Bender-Technology to Ensure Safety of Fast-Charging Stations for Electrical Vehicles on Trans-Canadian Highway

Built together with the Canadian Government along the 4,860 mile long Trans Canada Highway (TCH), Bender and two other companies introduced 34 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging stations were introduced in an effort to promote the use of zero-emission vehicles.

Ontario, Canada, July 2019 – Bender has contributed to a state-of-the-art charging station infrastructure in Ontario and Manitoba. The introduction of these stations will allow motorists to charge their electric vehicles in approximately 20 minutes. The stations offer a number of features and benefits, one of which is Bender’s ISOMETER®, an insulation monitoring device that adds safety value to each station.

This project was funded by Natural Resources of Canada through the Canadian Energy Innovation Program and through investments from eCAMION – a Toronto-based developer of energy storage systems, Leclanché – an energy storage provider, and SGEM – a Geneva-based power generator.

The newly installed stations consist of energy storage systems that utilize large lithium ion batteries and multiple outlets, allowing for simultaneous charging of vehicles. In order to charge the large 600V lithium ion battery bank, a 240 V single-phase supply voltage is used. When converting to 600V, an isolated system (ungrounded / IT system) is used.

Industry experts and government agencies agree that the development and installation of a nationwide charging infrastructure are crucial in order to boost sales of electric vehicles in Canada.

About Bender:

Bender Canada, located in Mississauga, Ontario is a subsidiary of Bender Group, a family-owned company and global leader in providing electrical products and solutions to a variety of industries and applications. The Bender Group headquarters is based in Grünberg, Germany, with operations in 12 countries around the world and representatives in an additional 70.

Schnellladestationen für Elektrofahrzeuge auf dem Trans-Canada Highway – sicher mit Bender-Technik